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Balenciaga Bags-Take You A Good Luck
Tuesday, September 21, 2010
  Balenciaga handbags have been seen on the arms of celebrities walking down the boulevards of broken dreams for over a decade. Back in the 1990s, Kate Moss was shooting prints ads for Balenciaga bags. Years later, she's still carrying one.
  Balenciaga bags are so popular, in fact, that authorized retailers typically sell out of inventory before they even hit the sales floor. New designs in new colors are shipped directly to a client's home, in most cases, sight unseen. Waiting lists are long, and prices are steadily rising.
  Though a dedicated 'it' bag for over a decade, it's most visible fanbase seems to be comprised of the young Hollywood celebrities and celebutantes. Nicole Richie, Nicky Hilton, the Olsen twins, et al are the mavens of style most often photographed carrying the lusted-after studded and buckled Balenciaga. Of course, they can't be the only ones buying them, since Balenciaga retailers coast-to-coast, like Barney's and Neiman Marcus as well as the Balenciaga boutiques in New York and Milan are consistently sold out.
  If you're in the market for a Balenciaga bag, be advised that new, 'authorized' Balenciagas are extremely rare. They also advise buyers to be highly skeptical of anyone claiming to sell a 'new' 'authentic' Balenciaga below retail price. If you can find one, however, expect some hefty competition for this much sought-after item.
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