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ABOUT Balenciaga

BALENCIAGA (Balenciaga) is not only a high fashion brand, but also the designer's name. Born in Guetaria(San Sebastian) at the end of 800, Cristobal Balenciaga showed great skill as a tailor as a child so much to open his first atelier twenties and just be acclaimed as the most important creator of all of Spain since the'30s . The real revolution in the life of this brilliant Basque came with his move to Paris, where escaping the civil war, began a new career. Defiladed and shy man who refuses all proposals that tend to market to a wider audience his creations, preferring by far and a few selected customers which gives a great elegance, balenciaga is natural reluctance even in parades full of rigor and silence almost monastic. His style, unmistakable and still inspiration for many designers, has its high-definition live in the famous black bag that seems to counteract the temptations romantic creations of the Christian Dior, its contemporary.

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Saturday, October 30, 2010
  There is no doubt that pretty much every veritable fashion queen has spent a significant portion of her life dreaming about what designer handbag she would purchase if she won the lottery. And with celebrities flaunting their Mulberrys Louis Vuittons and Chloes in our faces on a daily basis, ...
Friday, October 29, 2010
  The Balenciaga handbag designer is very popular with celebrities, and thus there is a huge demand and a long waiting list.Balenciaga handbag designers are highly sought-after because of their sophisticated design and because of the supple goat's leather used in their construction to give the ...
Thursday, October 28, 2010
  Bags system fashionette pure printing press press ground floor rent. His pocket method of our website and network users in nursing after purchase. The rent is out of her replica Balenciaga handbags as design of many. This is our plan of our food is set up. This is often borrow return values, ...

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